Monday, July 28, 2014

Member of the Week: Meet Chloe Sanders!

Hello! My name is Chloe Sanders, and I will be a sophomore at Southern Miss this fall. I enjoy traveling, and actually just got back from an amazing trip to Haiti where I was immersed in their beautiful culture and given many opportunities to serve the Lord by serving His children. My idea of happiness is being surrounded by the ones I love with my hand in a bag of peanut M&M's. I like being on the water, skiing, tubing, wake boarding, kayaking, anything and love work just as much as I love play.  I am freakishly good at food babies and get my nails done way too often. 
 I am a member of the 2013 pledge class of Chi Omega, and I've also had the honor of being elected chaplain and recruitment team assistant. Chaplain is a position that one can do as much or as little as they want with, and regretfully I have not done as much as I would've liked so far. But I'm currently in the process of changing that! I am planning on starting a bible study this semester (maybe even a little bit this summer) through which we study God's Word, share each others' burdens and praises, and lift each other up while lifting the Lord up! My prayer is that this will be just another way for our sisterhood as well as our personal relationships with Christ to grow stronger. Get ready girls!
On campus, I am involved in Luckyday Scholarship Foundation, Campus Crusades, and the Mathematics department. These activities along with many more are what made my first year at Southern a success. Getting involved with organizations that line up with your values is so important to find joy and peace during those times when school and life are overwhelming! And Chi Omega and Greek Life just add to that support group! I can always have confidence that someone is there for me.

Some of my favorite memories from this past year include various philanthropy events for all of the fraternities and sororities on campus. From dance competitions to carnivals and crawfish boils, you can rest assured that you won't get bored being involved with Greek Life! Southern Miss Greek Life is very strong, and I feel like we do a great job of supporting what each one stands for and believes in by attending their events! The opportunities are endless on this campus and through Chi Omega! I am so thankful for each one God has given me, and can't wait to see what He has in store for this year!

Chloe Sanders & The Epsilon Delta Chapter of Chi Omega

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Member of the Week: Meet Sadie Nielsen!

        Hi! My name is Sadie Nielsen and I will be starting my junior year at Southern Miss this fall! In
2012, I pledged Chi Omega along with 53 other “sisters” as well as my biological sister, Sarah Nielsen, from PC’09. Who knew you could actually be bonded to a sibling in more than one way?! Since my sister is 3 years older than I am, we were separated for a couple of years when she left for college; however, joining her as a “baby hootie” my freshman year made up for the lost times! From wish granting with Make a Wish, Monday night meetings, social functions, and sisterhood events, I would not change one single thing! As freshman year came to an end, I did not think life as a Chi Omega could possibly be any better. I was so wrong!
         In the Spring, I was chosen to be T-Shirt Chair for Epsilon Delta. Oversized t-shirts, aka every college girl’s daily necessity, are probably the most treasured item during this time in your life.  Designing and organizing t-shirts can be very tedious and time consuming (especially when you are not artistic…). I cannot begin to tell you how many girls have given such helping hands at any given second. No matter what I needed or when I asked, someone was always willing to help in whatever way! (S/O to you guys!!! Looking forward to this semester J) Also, I was nominated as Chi Omega Sophomore of the Year. For starters, I was beyond ecstatic to receive this award. My sister received it her sophomore year, too! (Another bond right???) But, this award meant so much more to me than being voted out of my pledge class. It made me realize the importance that Chi Omega plays in my life (cliché or nah?).
As a Biology major applying for pharmacy school, one word to describe me is balanced. This organization has taught me that my academic goals are attainable as well as being in a sorority. From study dates to coffee breaks, my friends are always encouraging! Chi Omega promotes campus involvement, which pushed me into joining numerous honor societies. I truly feel that Chi Omega has helped me become the best version of myself that I could possibly be and I am so thankful for that!
         Altogether, my experience with the Greek Life at USM has been solid. This system is perfected in such a way that you will find your “home away from away” and meet incredible people along the way! One of my favorite things about Greek Life is the unity. All of the sororities and fraternities act in such a way to give back to the community through their philanthropy events. It can sometimes be challenging to stay active within the community as a college student, but with the help of Greek Life, it is easier and very rewarding!

Sadie Nielsen & the Epsilon Delta Chapter of Chi Omega

Monday, July 14, 2014

Member of the Week: Meet Anna Gilg!

        Hey there!! My name is Anna Gilg, and I am a junior! I pledged Chi Omega my freshman year (making me part of pledge class 2012), and it was by far the BEST decision I've ever made! I came to Southern Miss not knowing many people, which is the main reason I went through recruitment. I know I made the right choice when I ran into open arms at the Chi O house on bid day! In Chi Omega, I found a group of ladies that would come to be my closest friends - ones I can laugh with, cry with, and who embrace me for who I am! Cheesy right? Well it's true so you better believe it! 
        As far as my involvement within Chi Omega, I currently serve as the Vice President (scholarship chair). This keeps me on my toes as I feel that I should strive to do my best in school since that is what I'm asking of the rest of the members. It has helped me step out of my comfort zone and become better friends with many of my sisters. I know that I am growing as a result of serving on the executive council! 
        I am a part of the USM Honors College, which requires students to take multiple hours each semester of honors classes. Although these classes are very difficult and consume a lot of my time, I know it is good to be challenged. Just have to remember, hard work always pays off!
        I absolutely love Southern Miss! I would have to say that my favorite tradition is painting the Eagle Walk as a freshman during GEWW. It made me feel special that I was already leaving my mark even before classes started. I also love tailgating with all my friends before games! I enjoy dressing up in my black and gold attire and socializing. In my opinion, it's definitely one of the best parts of the entire fall semester.
        If I had to describe myself in one word it would be BUSY! Busy studying, busy going to various events, busy socializing, busy being OCD, and of course busy waiting for the next meal! 
Fun fact; I'm pretty positive that I could live on pickles for the rest of my life if I had to. It's by far the best food ever made and the fact that they have almost zero calories is a bonus! 
        All in all, I know that I chose the right university and the perfect sorority for me. Looking at the bigger picture, that's not all that matters. At USM, all the sororities and fraternities in the Greek system come together as one to support each others' philanthropies and make one another better! I couldn't be more thankful and proud to be a part of Greek Life at Southern Miss! 

Anna Gilg & the Epsilon Delta Chapter of Chi Omega

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Member of the Week: Meet Sarah Diard!

Hi! My name is Sarah Diard! I am a senior biology major (pre-pharmacy) and a member of PC’11. I am currently serving as the Make-A-Wish Liaison for our chapter. My job is to connect our chapter to the local children and their families who are having their wishes granted by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Through our alliance with Make-A-Wish, we are given the chance to meet children who have been affected by a life-threatening illness and celebrate their wishes with them and their families. It is such an incredible experience to celebrate life with these children who are so strong!
            I am also involved other organizations outside of Greek Life as well. This past year, I was a Resident Assistant (RA) and worked primarily with transfer students and students with disabilities. This year, I will be the RA in the Chi Omega house! Currently, I am a Summer Conference Assistant and GEWW Crew Leader. I am also a member of the Catholic Student Association (CSA) and NRRH, which is an honor society for residence life. Off campus, I am a volunteer at Aldersgate Mission, which is an after school program for kids in the downtown Hattiesburg area. I have enjoyed participating in these organizations! They have shaped me into the person I am today. I joined Chi O my freshman year and it has played a vital role in connecting me to these organizations. Chi O has given me a home and encouraged me to reach my full potential.
            My favorite memory on campus is from last year when I was in Small Group Communications class. We had an assignment where we had to identify a problem on campus and solve it. Our problem: finals week stress. Our solution: bringing puppies to campus! We got permission to bring puppies from Southern Pines Animal Shelter to campus and let students come and play with them in our event “Paws for a Study Break.” It was so much fun!
            Some fun facts about me would be that if I had to describe myself in word I would say that I am sincere. My favorite hobby is most definitely Zumba. Strangely enough, my weirdest talent is Tetris. (I am surprisingly good at fast-paced puzzles and Tetris is my favorite!) I also love food! Right now I have to say that my favorite food is homemade garlic cheese biscuits!

          To end, my idea of happiness is living my life for others. I am happiest when I am using my time and talents to help other people. I especially love working with young children. My goal is to live my life investing in my family, friends, and the community. Then I know I will be happy!

Sarah Diard & the Epsilon Delta Chapter of Chi Omega

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Member of the Week: Meet Linh Duong!

     My name is Linh Duong, and I am a sophomore math major from good ole Biloxi, MS. It seems like just yesterday I made the best decision ever to pledge Chi Omega, but it was indeed last year which makes me a member of PC '13. My first year as a Chi Omega at Southern Miss was more exciting and rewarding than I could have ever expected (cliché, I know.. but it's true!). From watching movies at the house with newfound friends to dancing the night away at social functions with the best dance partners to cheering our booties off for our sisters competing in philanthropy events, I found a genuine home and the best of friends. Come this fall, I will be a part of the recruitment team to help show the amazing things Chi Omega has to offer.
      Well, a little bit about me.. Things I love include my family and friends, netflix, red velvet cake, making lists, and Lana Del Rey among other things. I am an avid New Orleans Saints fan, and I am definitely counting down the days until football season. I love all things the color pink, which is funny because I used to despise the color as a kid. One thing I could not live without is my planner. Dramatic, yes, but I am a nut about task management.
      A saying we have here at Southern Miss is to "leave it better than you found it," and by my involvement on campus I strive to do so. Our university has done so much for us, so I love giving back by being a leader on campus. I work as a math tutor for the First Year Initiative on campus. I enjoy this job so much because I get to combine both my passions for math (not as crazy as it sounds!) and for helping others. I am also currently involved with the Honors College, Student Government Association, Junior Panhellenic Council, and Lambda Sigma Honor Society.
      I am a Presidential Scholar which gives me access to Southern Miss's gem, the Honors College. Because of the Honors College, I have been able to form closer relationships with my professors and other scholars, some of which are Chi O sisters (we are smart cookies!). As a freshman, I was a part of Freshman Associates, a group of freshman leaders who work to better our university. This organization helped to strengthen my leadership skills and paved the way for me to be appointed as the Academic Affairs Director for the Student Government Association Executive Cabinet for 2014-2015 through which I will be working to serve the academic needs and wants of my peers. I am also a part of the Junior Panhellenic Council. This organization is made up of two members from each sorority on campus, and I have the privilege to represent Chi Omega. We as JPC work to serve as a voice for the new members of Panhellenic, and I carry on the role of Vice President of Committees. Lastly, I am a member of Lambda Sigma Honor Society, which is not only an honor society for sophomores but also an active service organization through which I can carry out my love for community service. 
      Within all of these organizations there is a strong presence of Greek Life. Therefore, I have met other Greek Life members who have been a source of encouragement, support, and friendship. This sense of family and community is definitely what you need to deal with the chaos of being a college student (in addition to cake). Also, I have already been benefitted by the networking opportunities that Chi Omega has given me. I was able to obtain my two jobs with the help of my sisters because they recommended me to their employers. For all of these things and more, I am so grateful that I joined Greek Life and found my home within Chi Omega. It has without a doubt helped to enhance my experience while being a flourishing student here at Southern Miss. SMTTT!

Linh Duong & the Epsilon Delta Chapter of Chi Omega

Friday, June 20, 2014

Member of the Week: Meet Kristen Lee!

            Hello! My name is Kristen Lee, and I am a senior Nutrition and Dietetics major here at USM. I am in PC ’11, which is “senior pledge class” this year, (I am still trying to get used to this!). Last year, I was the secretary of Chi Omega, so I was always the loud one calling roll at functions and events to make sure that all the Chi Omegas were present. Being secretary really opened my eyes to the chapter’s diversity, and it helped me learn how to balance my time and prioritize. Being secretary was definitely a privilege because it allowed me to get to know each member on a more personal level, even more so than I already did. Although we are one of the largest sororities at Southern Miss with about 160 active members, it is not difficult to get to know each member of the chapter. This is one of the aspects that I love most about Southern Miss Greek Life. Southern Miss Greek Life has big enough chapters to make a difference, but small enough to get to know everyone in the chapter. 
            Since I am a nutrition major, I am involved in a couple of nutrition related clubs. I have been a member of the Student Dietetic Association for three years, and I have recently been elected as the treasurer for the upcoming school year. I was elected to be an ambassador for the College of Health two years ago. Both organizations focus heavily on campus and community involvement in their own ways. Greek Life has helped me become involved on campus because it introduces me to new people every day and I always have a Chi Omega advisor who is willing to write a letter of recommendation for me.
            As I am trying to think of a favorite memory at USM, I notice that they all involve Chi Omega in some way. With that being said, one of my favorite USM memories is Songfest, which is Chi Omega’s philanthropy event. Now, I know you’re thinking that I had to put that down, but the truth is, I didn’t! Songfest is the oldest and largest Greek event on campus, and if that does not convince you how incredible Songfest is then you really just need to see it for yourself. It is entertaining, funny, and beautiful. Every member of every Greek organization is involved, and last year we raised over $50,000 for our philanthropy, Make A Wish! With this year being my last Songfest, I am really upset, but I rest easy knowing that I can always come back each year since it is open to the community.
            If I had to choose one word to describe myself, it would probably be sassy since Beyoncé is sassy and she is my idol. My favorite hobby (as cheesy as it may sound) is riding around with my besties jamming to Taylor Swift, since that is what we are usually doing if we aren’t studying. My weirdest talent is probably that I can twerk on my head. Feel free to be amazed. If I had to choose one food to eat every day for the rest of my life, it would probably be something involving chocolate.

            Finally, I believe that happiness is something you create for yourself. It is not something that you can wait on others to create for you. My idea of happiness is a sound mind, a happy heart, and a healthy body.

Kristen Lee & the Epsilon Delta Chapter of Chi Omega

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Member of the Week: Meet Rachel Smith!

Hi! My name is Rachel Smith and I am a junior at the University of Southern Mississippi. I pledged Chi Omega my freshman year and I am a member of the 2012 pledge class. I serve as the Corresponding Secretary on the Cardinal Cabinet board of Chi Omega. As corresponding secretary, it is my responsibility to communicate with other organizations and Greek chapters in the community on behalf of the Epsilon Delta Chapter. Although my role as Corresponding Secretary is business-like and kind of behind-the-scenes, serving on Cardinal Cabinet has been truly wonderful. I have enjoyed growing close with this dedicated group of girls, and working with them to ensure the success and overall well-being of our chapter has been very rewarding and exciting!
Other than Chi Omega, I am very involved on campus at USM through the organizations, Eagle Connection and Diamond Darlings. Eagle Connection is a group of student ambassadors that recruit and give tours to prospective students. Being selected to be a member of the Eagle Connection team is a competitive and nerve-racking process. Luckily, I was successful with the advice from other Chi Omegas that were experienced Eagle Connection members. Being an active member of Eagle Connection has been terrific in many ways. I have especially enjoyed getting to know and grow close to the other student ambassadors. I enjoy having the opportunity to contribute as a team to leave Southern Miss better than I found it. Diamond Darlings is a group of young women who help out with all kinds of exciting things at baseball games. Through Diamond Darlings I was able to establish friendships with young women in other Greek chapters, as well as spend time with other baseball-lovin’ Chi Omegas! Besides involvement with these organizations, you might also see me on campus working as a technical assistant in Cook Library. I have worked in the Learning Commons of the library since my freshman year. I love my job because I get to interact with and assist the majority of  students on campus, which this makes me happy because I love being a part of other students’ personal experiences here at Southern Miss.
My favorite spot on campus is an area that many students consider to be “the front” of campus. Between the oldest and most beautiful buildings on campus and hovering, ancient oak trees, is a beautifully landscaped and serene place. I have spent many lunch hours relaxing on benches in this area. This is without a doubt my happy place on campus.
Although I enjoy doing almost anything, the thing I do the most and enjoy the most is spending time with my family. I have a sort of large, but absolutely goofy, family that I love very much and never get tired of spending time with. I am happiest when cutting up with them. With my family’s help and support, I will be going on the British Studies program this summer to study in London! I am very excited to travel abroad and not only meet new people, but also see the sights with other Chi Omegas too!
If I had to choose one food to eat everyday for the rest of my life, it would undoubtedly be chocolate. Any chocolate, all chocolate, I love it!   
Overall, being involved on campus and joining Greek life has enriched my college experience in so many ways! It has opened doors to solid friendships and opportunities for which I am already seeing the benefits of networking opportunities! Also, I will be moving into a cottage with four pledge sisters in the fall along with giving eagle connection tours during which my love for the chapter and the University of Southern Mississippi will only grow!

Rachel Smith & the Epsilon Delta Chapter of Chi Omega